How to Make a Mini K'NEX Crossbow Turret

Introduction: How to Make a Mini K'NEX Crossbow Turret

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Hey TBrickman here. I wanted to share this great K'NEX crossbow I created while trying to make a mini gun. Here are the pros and cons


  • very light and durable
  • reasonably far distance
  • can be collapsed to fit in pocket
  • has a sturdy base
  • very quick build


  • can be hard to build
  • very low accuracy
  • kills the rubber band quickly

Ok, so now that we know that, we can get into the building of it.

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Step 1: Gather Pieces

Just gather all of the parts that are in the picture, or if you are like me, then just get the parts as you go. You can do either, but when you are done, please comment letting me know which way worked for you.

Once you have all the pieces (or don't) go to the next step "Basic Construction"

Step 2: Basic Construction

Just follow the pictures and you should be ok. Be sure to roll over the notes on each picture!

Ok, now that you have made the basic structure and mechanism, we can start working on the rest.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Follow the pics and notes and you should be OK. Great job! You completed TBrickman's Mini Crossbow Turret! Proceed to the next step to learn how it operates.

Step 4: Firing the Crossbow

Wow! you've made it this far! Now you just need to fire it (preferably not at someone) and have some fun. Please heart and comment. Remember to tell me whether you gathered the pieces at the beginning or as you went. Thanks for building!

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