How to Make a Mini Nail Polish Charm on Rainbow Loom




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This nail polish is cute and fun to make! Please comment, ask, and suggest. Have fun!

Step 1: What You Need

You need the following:

·Rainbow Loom
·2 Different Rubber Band Colors (One for the Nail Polish Opener and One for the Nail Polish Color)

Step 2: Format of the Nail Polish Opener

Start from the bottom and put double rubber bands until the 4th peg.

Step 3: Format of the Nail Polish Color

Start from your last point to the right. Then start from your last point to the left. Then the middle. You start to extend the right and left and middle by three. Then close it on the end by the right end to the middle end and left end to the middle end.

Step 4: Triangles

Put 2 triangles in the middle like in the picture. Start from the end of the nail polish color and skip a peg. Now add a triangle pointing you. Add another going in front of it.

Step 5: Band Cap

Add a band cap at the end of the of the nail polish color.

Step 6: Hooking: Nail Polish Color

Now start from the end and grab the band to the right. Now start from the end again and grab the band to the left. Start from the end again and grab the band to the middle. Now on all three go up like a triple single. Make sure you push the triangles away. Now on the crossway bands get the right and hook to the middle. Do the same to the left.

Step 7: Hooking: Nail Polish Opener

This one is easy! You start from your last point and go up.

Step 8: Overveiw

This is how it should be loomed.

Step 9: Tie It

It is time to tie you creation!

Step 10: Pull It Out

Now carefully pull it out.

Step 11: Enjoy!

Enjoy your precious charm!



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    3 years ago

    This is really cool!! Good job!