How to Make a Mini Pump

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Pump


Step 1: to Do a Mini Pump You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to tell you you a brilliant idea that I have got recently absolutely accidentally. There just was a bottle with a smaller diameter in the bottle that was already cut. When I turned bottles in my hands and looked at it, then I decided to make a pump)

Step 2: To My Opinion If There's a Case of Emergency and If There Is No Pump or It's Broken, Such a Hand Made Pump, Almost Made of Hand-shifts Will Help You.

You will be able to inflate a ball or any other toy that doesn't require high pressure. I have been sure for the next time that the ideas of making hand-shifts or any other hand made crafts of plastic bottles are endless.

Step 3: Thanks for Watching!!!!!

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    2 Discussions

    Mind Blowing
    Mind Blowing

    4 years ago

    What's a great idea... So easy to make and use.


    4 years ago

    Nice instructable and I think your YouTube is amazing