How to Make a Mini Retractable Metal Saw





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Retractable Metal Saw

I show how to make a small retractable metal saw out of a box cutter and a hacksaw blade. It is very easy to make and requires fairly common materials and tools. It is more portable and convenient then a hacksaw but not as efficient. I used a fairly cheap box cutter so you should be able to get better results with a better quality one. This is a good tool to have when you need to be conservative of space. The hacksaw blade can of course be switched with other blades such as a wood cutting blade or even with some modification of a small file.

It is made by taking out the regular blade in a utility knife and cutting a hacksaw blade to the length of the original blade. The hole that would attach the hack saw blade to a saw is used to hold the blade in the box cutter like the original blade. Now you should be able to extend and retract the hack saw blade in the box cutter/utility knife.

The term "utility knife" includes small folding or retractable-blade knives suited for use in the modern workplace or in the construction industry.

Step 1: Materials

- Hacksaw Blade

- Box Cutter

- Pliers/Wire cutters

- Drill/Small Round file

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)



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24 Discussions

I just made it. If only the blades were wider.

I honestly feel like this could become a commercial product. One change I would make for a commercial version, though, is to have the top of the blade a thicker tube for stability, possibly slightly bent down so it will even out when you push down on it.

A very small improvement would be to mount the blade to cut on pulling stroke instead on pushing stroke. This is the way the japanese saws are made and the cut is far more straight and easy to do.

I´m going to try it

Video will not play on my Samsung S4, but great idea. Smart enough to figure out the "how-to-DIY".

I went one step further and sharpened the other edge to use as a knife. It's still a good idea to make use of broken saw blades.


Much more compact than those handles made for broken hacksaw blades. ~:-}

Awesome idea!! I happen to have a busted hacksaw blade with one end still good and an old box cutter with a worn out blade. Now I know what to do with them.

outstanding.and it gave me a good idea. keep up the good work

good idea and a use for broken blades!

I have had a non-retractable handle that holds broken hacksaw blades (VERY useful!) but this is more compact and portable

I've always wondered how else could I mount one of those blades and this is brilliantly simple. Thanks!