How to Make a Mini Tic Tac Power Bank / TUTORIAL


Introduction: How to Make a Mini Tic Tac Power Bank / TUTORIAL


Step 1: To Do a Mini Tic Tac Power Bank You Need!!!

In today's video I am going to share an awesome idea about how to make a portable charger or a power bank as lots of people call it yourself at home.
We will need only L 7805, a 9 volt krona battery, USB connector and connectors for krona batteries as well.

Step 2: To Make One Yourself Is Pretty Easy and Simple.

Let's call the DIY craft a mini tic tac power bank because all inside component will be fitted into a tic tac container.

Step 3: Since a Usual Krona Battery Isn't Enough I Advise You to To Use a Maximum Capacity Krona Battery You Will Only Be Able to Find. Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Step 4: I Wish You the Best of Luck!

You can buy voltage regulators on AliExpress. Here is the link to follow



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    2 years ago

    Don't you need capacitors to stabilize the regulator?

    wouldnt the regulator heat up in the case?

    1 reply


    If the phone drew one amp the voltage regulator would be dissapating 4W:

    Pd = (9V - 5V)*1A = 4W

    Do you mind having more accurate steps?