How to Make a Mini Torte Using Leftover Pancakes




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Torte Using Leftover Pancakes

Whenever my dad makes pancakes, he makes about a million mini pancakes. Often, it's about 25 too many, so what to do with leftover pancakes? Well, obviously you could eat them, but it's more fun to make a mini torte out of them.

This was originally part of a post on CakeSpy, but I have expanded upon it here.

Step 1: Assemble the Ingredients for Your Torte

Yay! You only need two ingredients.

Pancakes: You're going to need a stack of similarly-sized pancakes. I used six, but you can use as few or as many as you like.

Frosting: Whatever your favorite buttercream frosting recipe is, make a batch. The amount you will need will vary depending on the size of your pancakes, but if you have leftover frosting is this really a problem?

Step 2: Stack the Pancakes With Frosting

Create a pleasing Pisa-like tower of pancakes. Place one pancake down on a work surface, and add a spoonful of frosting. Sandwich a second pancake on top. Repeat until you are out of pancakes.

Step 3: Frost the Top and Sides

Frost the top and sides of your mini torte. If it won't quite stay still, you can spear it with a skewer to keep the layers from sliding. If desired, garnish (here, I have my torte pictured with a macaron to show its adorable scale).

Enjoy a slice!

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