How to Make a Mini Vacuum

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Vacuum

Here are the components that you will need to build this mini hoover;

1. Small Hobby Motor.

2. 9V Battery.

3. Battery Connector with wires.

4. Sand Paper.

5. Hollow Pen.

6. 1mm Black Acrylic.

7. 2mm Clear Acrylic.

8. 25mm thick tube with 2mm thick wall.

Gather these together and find yourself some other few pieces;

1. Super Glue.

2. Laser Cutter.

3. Scissors.

4. Hack Saw.

5. Solder.

6. Soldering Iron.

Step 1:

Cut out the fan blades and glue them together. Then use the DXF file to copy the design from.

Step 2:

Again use the DXF file to cut out the clear acrylic as well.

Step 3:

Use the clear acrylic as a template to cut around for the sand paper, which you are using for a filter system.

Step 4:

Here's a picture of the three components you are then after before you move onto the next stage.

Step 5:

Then place the black "fan" onto the motor head. You may need to push slightly harder than you think.

Step 6:

Next cut the tube down to a size of your choice, we cut it to 3 inches. Drill four holes using the pillar drill at an equal distance around.

Step 7:

Next you will need to solder the wires to the motor itself. Using your solder and iron.

Step 8:

After this you can assemble all of the pieces together. With the motor being on the far end and then the black "fan", then the sand paper and circular acrylic ring. Then place the final pieces of acrylic on each end of the tube before gluing the pen to the end opposite to that of the motor.

Step 9:

You can now enjoy clearing up the mess you have made. Have a lovely day.

Step 10:

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    1 year ago

    What a clever little project!