How to Make a Miniature Adjustable Square




How to Make a Miniature Adjustable Square
In the workshop you oftentimes need to make sure things are square, meaning that a certain corner is right angled. Sometimes the things you need to check are small, which makes using a big square somewhat of a hassle. If you have access to the right machines, and you're cheap like me (but have a bit of spare time) why not make your own miniature square?

This is not a beginner's project, and does require some knowhow and experience around a machine shop. Avoid costly mistakes, and especially those involving bodily harm.


Steel, I used scrap I found around, though the harder the steel the better finish you're going to get and the longer the tool will last.
Brass, though used stylistically, could be steel as well


Milling machine, with endmills of various sizes
Files, and possibly fine grit sand paper
Drill bits
Taps and dies
Solder iron or torch

Hope you enjoy the video!



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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice little tool. I like the way you also use it as an adjustable depth stop on the lathe. (in the Kant clamp video)

    Just a little comment. The key way in the shaft is not really necessary, right? I mean the shaft cannot turn because of the sliding plate anyway.

    I really like the way you speed up things just enough to make it fast but still clear enough to see what you are doing.

    1 reply
    Switch and Leverlykle

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Indeed I did! I don't see the point in making tools I wouldn't use.

    The key way is not necessary, no. However, it does make aligning the shaft and the blade much easier. It can be omitted if you don't mind fiddling to put the blade in, for sure. I made it largely for my own sake, to see if I could.

    Cheers! Glad you like it!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project and great editing. Could you tell me what your milling machine is because it looks like it has an extra horizontal spindle.

    2 replies

    Hi Monty! The machine is an Aciera F3, really capable and accurate machine. Although, by virtue of being a school machine it's been a bit abused over the years. It does indeed have quite a few different attachments.

    OK thanks, and thanks for the quick reply as well. I might have to look into these, they look very versatile, great for a small shop.