How to Make a Miniature Quilling Tool and Strips

Introduction: How to Make a Miniature Quilling Tool and Strips

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Hello everyone,I am Sarah from Creative Minds.

In this intructable i will be showing you how to make a (working) miniature quilling tool and strips for dolls.

Things you will need:-

1-Pieces of colored cardstocks

2-Thin jewelery wire

3-Tacky glue

4-Glue stick


6-Pen refill tube

7-Decorative tape(optional)

Step 1: Making the Body of the Quilling Tool

Firstly,take out the empty pen refill and cut off a small piece.

Cover that piece with tape or use any other thing like paints,paper,e.t.c.

And your tool's body is ready.

Step 2: Making the Needle Tip of the Quilling Tool

Bend a piece of thin jewelery wire and cut that piece out.

Glue the tip to the body in such a way that the tip is visible outside also but has its end on the inside for support.

Leave it to dry and your functioning miniature quilling tool is ready.

Step 3: Making the Quilling Strips

Lastly,take small pieces of colored cardstocks and cut them into small and thin strips.

You can leave them loose for loose quilling strips.


Make a pile of the same colored strips and apply glue stick on the both ends and leave it to dry.To make the pack of quilling strips.

The strips and the tool both are functioning and can be used for miniature quilling only if you have made them correctly.

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