How to Make a Minimum OTG Connector




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In this electronic DIY project you will see how to make a minimal OTG connector at a very low cost. The OTG connector is a very practical tool that makes it easy to connect your Android phone for U disk expansion and mouse connection. You can make a more detailed production by watching the full production video.

Materials needed:

USB female

Mike plug

Heat shrinkable tube

Use tools:

Electric iron

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Step 1: The First Step Is to Prepare the Required Materials.

One USB holder, you can get it from the old device. Mike plug one

Step 2: Second Step Component Welding

The USB socket and the Mike plug are soldered according to the drawing, and they can be fixed to the hole plate for soldering.

Step 3: Third Step

Apply the finished product to the hot melt adhesive and heat shrink the sleeve to make the shape.

Step 4: Last Step

Connect a USB flash drive or mouse for testing



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    3 Discussions


    5 months ago

    Micro plug. Not mike plug. Soldering not welding. Really confusing.


    5 months ago

    cool little quick and easy project. looks nice too!