How to Make a Mobile Cover at Home

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Step 1: Tools You Need to Make a Mobile Cover at Home

1. Fluffy balloon

2. Mobile

3. Seassor

Step 2: Cut Fluffy Balloon

Cut fluffy balloon side with seassor.

Step 3: Insert Your Phone in Fluffy Balloon

Now where you cut fluffy balloon, insert your phone top side into fluffy balloon. see the picture.

Step 4: Insert Your Phone Bottom Side

Now insert you phone bottom side in the fluffy balloon. See the picture.

Step 5: Add Properly As Like Picture

If you insert you phone properly with fluffy balloon as like my picture you r almost ready to use this mobile cover.

Step 6: Cut Extra Side of Fluffy Balloon

Now cut extra side of fluffy balloon from you phone front side as like the picture.

Step 7: You Are Ready to Use This

Now you are ready to use this cute mobile cover.

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If you confuse any of the steps you can see my full video here:

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