How to Make a Monster Vinnie Costume

Introduction: How to Make a Monster Vinnie Costume

Need a scary Halloween costume? Well look no further! With these steps, you can make your own costume from the video game Five Nights at Candy's. To spook anyone in a 1 block radius!

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Step 1: Get Your Supplies.

For this costume you will need to gather the following items

-A black long-sleeved shirt.

-A black T-shirt.

-A pair of black leggings.

-Dark navy blue fabric.

-Big white buttons. (See step 7 if you have buttons of a different color)

-Mesh fingerless gloves.

-Face paint.

-Makeup remover.

-Straws (thinner works better).


-Tape lots of tape.

-Paint. (White and black)


-Reference Photos.

Once your supplies are gathered, you can begin step 2.

Step 2: Get Your Reference Photos.

Before you start making the costume, its best to get some reference photos to compare to.

-You can do this by simply looking up the character, Monster Vinnie in google or any other web browser.

-Its important to get the official design for your costume. So, type in "In Game" or "Official" to get the right picture. (The ones I used are above.)

Step 3: Fold Your Claws

(Steps shown in pictures ^)

-Take your paper and hold it vertically with the holes on your left hand side.

-Fold the upper right hand triangle down into a triangle.

-Take the top of the triangle and fold down again into a triangle.

-Take the right side of the paper and fold it into the triangle to create a square shape.

-Fold the top left hand corner into the bottom right corner to form a triangle.

-Fold one corner of the triangle upwards to make 2 triangles.

-Fold the larger triangle up to the smaller one to create a arrow shape.

-Take the second triangle's extra paper and fold it into the claw.

-Open the remaining tip into a compartment to fit onto your finger.

- Repeat in tell you have 18 claws.

Step 4: Paint the Claws

Now that your claws are constructed, its time to paint!

-Paint a layer of white paint on all the claws.

-Do a second layer of white on top of the tape to make it blend in.

-Paint 2 black lines on each claw and blend the color in with a paintbrush with a small amount of white paint on it.

-Once the other layers dry, smudge a bit of black paint on the tips of the claws. (This will make it look more claw-like.)

-Let the claws dry.

Step 5: Build Up the Claws

Now that you have the claws, its time to build the glove's fingers.


-To create your first finger you will need 2 of your pre-made claws.

-Take one of the claws and slide it on top of the other claw.

-Tape the top claw to the bottom claw to create the "bent claw look".

-Fold the bottom claw slightly in half.

-Poke a hole in the middle of the claw to insert straws into the claws. (So they can bend with ease.)

-Tape down the straw so it doesn't come off the claw.

-Tape a handle for your finger on the bottom claw.

-Repeat in tell all 8 fingers are done.


-For a thumb tape the straw to the inside of 2 of the claws.

Step 6: Insert the Claws Into the Glove

- Weave straws through the mesh glove over the glove's finger.

-Trim straws to the appropriate length for your hand.

-Tape a extra piece of straw to the end of the straw in the glove.

-Repeat for each finger/thumb.

Step 7: Create the Bowtie

Now with the gloves done, you can start to piece together the outfit. Starting with the bowtie

-Cut out 4 identical heart-like shapes with navy blue fabric.

-Get 2 of the shapes and sew them together with a sewing machine.

-Repeat step 2 for the other 2 shapes.

-Flip the sewn shapes inside out.

-Stuff the 2 shapes and bring them to face each-other in a bow-like manner.

-Hand sew the 2 stuffed shapes together.

-Take an extra piece of the navy blue fabric and cut it into a vertical strip.

-Take the strip of fabric and wrap it around the middle of the 2 shapes. (Where they were sewn together.)

-Sew the fabric in place.

-Set your bowtie aside.

Step 8: Paint the Buttons

*I didn't have white buttons of the size I wanted at the time so this step is optional.*

-Get a paint-safe area ready.

-Grab 3 large black buttons

-Paint the buttons in 1-2 layers of white paint

-Tap buttons on the table to get paint out of the holes.

-Let them sit to dry.

Step 9: Sew on the Bowtie and Buttons.

Now that you have the bowtie done and the buttons are dry (or just handy.), its time to sew them on.


-Place the bowtie on your black short sleeved shirt. (Stitching facing the shirt and out of sight.)

-Thread your needle and sew the back of the tie to the shirt.

-Hold up the shirt and make any adjustments needed.


-Grab your T-shirt and mark where you want the buttons to be. (They should have a medium-sized gap in between them.)

-Sew the button on the marked parts of the shirt.

How to sew on a button:

-Repeat the second step for the other buttons.

Step 10: Put the Stripes on the Pants and Undershirt.

Time for the stripes!

-Take the undershirt and use masking tape to create stripes on your arms. (Each stripe should have a small gap as shown in the picture.

-Repeat this step in tell you have a total of 3 stripes per arm.

*For the legs do the same but have 4 stripes per leg.*

Step 11: Make-up!

With your costume completed, its time for the make up.

-Dab a thin layer of black face paint on your eyes with a face paint sponge.

-Dab a second layer of the paint to give yourself a dark eyeshadow type look.

-Dab one last layer of blue face paint on your eyes.

-Dab and smudge black face paint on the rest of your face to create the "withered" look.

-Lightly paint more lines on your face in black and smudge them into the makeup.

-Under the part of your eyes closest to your nose, paint 2 vertical lines going down your cheeks. And continue to paint them in tell they make a solid color. (Use makeup remover to adjust the lines.)

-On your checks, paint 2 medium/small circles in blue paint in tell they area solid color. (Use makeup remover to adjust the circles.)

-Paint blue paint on your lips to create the lipstick. (Use makeup remover to adjust any off lines.)

-Paint 2 vertical lines going down at both sides of your lips to create the puppet jaw.

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