How to Make a Mood Lamp




Introduction: How to Make a Mood Lamp

This is a "how to" video for a really easy and inexpensive but extremely beautiful mood lamp that offers numerous color possibilities like blue, amethyst, amber, green and red. The mood lamp is completely wireless and can be enjoyed anywhere. Meditate with a warm glow in your bath, give a colorful welcome to guests along a pathway or staircase, create "atmosphere" while you dine, bring ambiance anywhere...

The only supplies needed for this mood lamp are:

  • A small glass vessel - I use a 2 inch square votive candle holder that I found for a $1 at the thrift store.
  • A couple handfuls of clear or frosted glass beads - you can find these at a dollar store or a crafts store
  • A lithium battery powered submersible light/lamp - You can choose from many colors when you purchase this lamp. And you find these lamps at places like, craft stores, art stores, hardware stores and online.
  • A bowl - you can use a cereal or soup bowl
  • A glass of water - of course, you can use one from your kitchen.

This project requires NO tools and assembly time for the mood lamp is less than 3 minutes.

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    Thank you. Yes, this is pretty cool and very simple. Great for anyone really. Thanks for your comment.