How to Make a Mosquito Trap

Introduction: How to Make a Mosquito Trap


  • Mosquitoes will be attracted to accumulated water and lay their eggs in a piece of cloth for spawning.
  • Once the mosquito larvae has hatched, they will drop into the water to become adults.
  • When the mosquitoes are full grown, they will be too large to fly out and will be trapped inside by a T-shirt.

Watch the Video!

This movie which will be 3 months later after a trap is installed

Step 1: Things You Will Need

As you can see on the picture the tools and ingredients are

  • a bucket
  • a T-shirt(black is better)
  • a plastic bottle(500ml)
  • a piece of cloth(30 * 50〜80mm)
  • tape
  • string
  • scissors

  • knife

  • thumbtack or drill

Step 2: Make a Hole!

Drape the T-shirt over the bucket and make a hole of about φ30mm at the center.

Step 3: Prepare Plastic Bottle

Cut the top off of a plastic bottle with a knife.

A bottle is fixed on a hole of a T-shirt with a tape.

Drape the T-shirt over the bucket and wrap the string around the bucket.

Step 4: ​Make a Hole for Drainage

Make a hole for drainage in the upper part of a bucket with a thumbtack or drill.

Step 5: Completion!

A piece of cloth is installed in the opening of a plastic bottle for spawning.

Place these traps every where around your home

Watch the Video!!

This movie which will be 3 months later after a trap is installed



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    3 Discussions

    Could you re-upload the video if you still have it? Curious about your results. Also, is there chance that the larvae will just stay in the water within the bottle then just fly out when they mature? I'll probably add a piece of mesh screen in the bottle above the water line to be safe. Think I'll also use a black bucket/shirt as mossies are attracted to black. Thanks for the idea, I'm trying every variation on the ovitrap I can find. Different types of mosquitoes have different behaviors so a variety of traps should be the best way to go. Thanks again!

    where is the water ?

    wow this is cool! does it really control the mosquito population where you placed it?