How to Make a Mould From Lego Out of Silicone & Make Bricks Out of Resin, Silicone & Chocolate DIY





Materials & tools:

Lego bricks & baseplate

2 components silicone

epoxy resin

mixing cups



gram scale





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Step 1: The Silicone Mould

Build a frame out of Lego bricks on a Lego baseplate. Make a second layer. Place a few Lego bricks in the frame. Every brick needs space to the frame and the other bricks. Mix together 2 components silicone and fill the form with it. Let the silicone dry and remove the frame.

Step 2: Preparation

Dissolve the silicone mold and remove the bricks. Remove the overlap from the silicone mould.

Step 3: Make Some Bricks Out of Silicone

Mix together 2 components silicone and fill the mould with it. Let it dry and remove the silicone bricks. Cut the overlap and enjoy your silicone bricks.

Step 4: Some Out of Resin

Mix togehter 2 components epoxy resin and fill the form. Let it dry and remove the bricks.

Step 5: And a Few Out of Chocolate

Melt chocolate and fill the form with it. Remove the bubbles with a spoon and the chocolate excess. Put the form in the fridge for an hour and enjoy your Lego chocolate bricks. Look at my other work.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This is really cool. I think it may be best to have separate moulds for food use and craft use though. When you mix the two measures of silicone, was that mixing two colours to get the shade you want, or mixing together two packets to make the right amount, or are they two types of silicone? When you say dissolve the silicone mold, am I right that you mean disassemble/take apart the original form by removing the plastic Lego bricks and base board from around and inside the cured silicone? Also did I understand correctly that once cured you can use the silicone mould with new silicone of the same type, to make silicone bricks? I wonder if there is a good way to make the bricks so they fit together...☺


    2 years ago

    What do they mean 2 components silicone

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Dissolve the silicone mold and remove the bricks.

    I don't understand what that means or how to do it.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Simply cure the silicone mold at a corner and peel off. Then remove the stones that still stuck in it. Watch the video i hope it will explain.