How to Make a Moving Thing That Moves Forever Until You Stop It

This will show you how to make a moving thing that moves forever.

Step 1:

First place a piston 1 block high off the ground.Then place a slime block in front of that and 2 more pistons in front of that.

Step 2:

Destroy the piston closest to the slime block and replace it with a sticky piston.It has to be facing the slime block.

Step 3:

Place a slime block coming out of the piston facing nothing and then red stone blocks on both slime blocks.

Step 4:

Place a red stone block on top of the sticky piston.Then destroy it and it will start moving.

Step 5:

If it works then you've finished.Congratulations!



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    Question 1 year ago

    Did you just copy cubehamsters design and post it as your own? Cubehamster was the youtuber who made that and discovered slimeblock transportation.