How to Make a Multiplayer Origami Game

Introduction: How to Make a Multiplayer Origami Game

These instructions demonstrate how to fold a fun, two-person origami game. Time required: approx. 5 minutes. What you will need:

- One standard sheet of white/colored paper (8.5" x 11")

As you do each of the following steps, make each fold as precise and neat as you can. This will help your game be as fun as possible!

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Step 1: Getting the Right Paper Size

(a) Take your piece of paper and fold the top left corner down so that it touches the right side of the page.
(b) Fold the bottom of the page upward along the horizontal edge of the triangle.
(c) Tear off the bottom rectangle to obtain a square sheet of paper.

Step 2: Getting Your Beginning Folds

(a) Fold inward diagonally both ways to get an "X".
(b) Flip the page.
(c) Fold inward vertically and horizontally to form a "cross".

Step 3: Getting "The Diamond"

(a) Fold in each corner towards the center so that your paper looks like a diamond.
(b) Flip the page.

Step 4: Getting "The Square"

(a) Fold in each corner towards the center so that your paper looks like a square.
(b) Fold the page upward horizontally to get a rectangle.

Step 5: Getting 3-D

(a) With one hand, put a finger underneath each flap (4 total) located on both the front and back sides of the rectangle.
(b) Pull your fingers together until they all touch each other.

Step 6: Setting Up the Game

(a) Turn your hand towards your face. Practice moving your fingers (in pairs of two) sideways and up/down.

NOTE: This is how the game is to function. See step 7.

(b) On the outer flaps of your origami game, write four random colors, places, etc.
(c) On the inner flaps, write a number on each triangle (8 total) in a clockwise pattern, alternating with odds and evens.
(d) Underneath each flap, write some form of a yes or no response such as "Maybe,"  "It Could Happen," or "Never."

Step 7: Playing the Game

Fold the game back together and find someone to play it with.

Game Play:
- Ask the individual to think of a wish.
- Ask them to pick one of the items on the outer flaps.
- Alternate opening the four corners horizontally and vertically based on the number of letters in the word that was selected.
- Ask them to pick one of the four numbers that are left visible, then alternate positions that same number of times.
- Ask them to pick another number that is visible.
- Open the flap, and what is underneath is the answer to their wish.
- Play as many times as you want!

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