How to Make a Multiple Stranded Ethnic Beaded Bracelet for Summer



Introduction: How to Make a Multiple Stranded Ethnic Beaded Bracelet for Summer

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It's been long since pandahall diy team updated the last ethnic beaded bracelet. Today we will bring you a new tibetan style beaded bracelet design.

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Step 1: Supplies in Making the Multiple Stranded Ethnic Beaded Bracelets for Summer:

8mm Purple Faceted Glass Beads

8mm Brown Wooden Beads

3mm Purple Glass Seed Beads

Tibetan Style Bead Caps

Tibetan Style Toggle Claps

Tibetan Style Bead Spacers

8mm Colorful Frosted Glass Beads

11x6mm Alloy Rhinestone European Beads

0.2mm Transparent Fishing Wire


Step 2: String the Bracelet Cords

1st, cut a piece of finishing wire, tie it to a toggle clasp and then slide a brown wooden bead, a tibetan style bead cap, a rhinestone European bead to the wires;

2nd, add enough 8mm purple glass beads and tibetan bead spacers to the wires alternatively until you've strung with a proper length;

3rd, add a rhinesont European bead, a bead cap and a wooden bead, then tie the wire to holes of the toggle clasps and trim off the extra wires;

4th, cup another piece of wire, slide a bead pacer and enough blue frosted glass beads to the wire this time, and also add a bead spacer to the another end of the wire, then attach the frosted bead cord to the toggle clasps as well;

5th, string a purple seed bead cord and attach it to the toggle clasp.

Step 3: Finish the Ethnic Beaded Bracelet

1st, string an orange frosted glass bead cord and attach it to the toggle clasp;

2nd, string a purple glass beaded bracelet cord and attach it to the toggle clasp;

3rd, string another piece of seed bead cord and attach it to the toggle clasp;

4th, trim off the wires and finish the multiple stranded ethnic bracelet.

Step 4: Look at the Final Look of This Multiple Stranded Ethnic Beaded Bracelet!

This multiple stranded ethnic bracelet is easy to make since there's no special techniques except stringing the beads. You just need to prepare the beads, match them as you like and string several strands for the cord. Why not making one for yourself?

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