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Introduction: How to Make a Newspaper Box

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When I was a child, the old newspaper was re-used well in my country.

The stand sold wrapped hot baked sweet potatohot in the newspaper.

They wrapped those vegetables with the mud in the newspaper.

My grandmother used to wrap the handmade rolled sushi with plastic lap in newspaper and brought it to my house .There were a few things that newspaper was used well. It is the origin of the eco-& recycling of Japan to upcycle an old newspaper.

Japan is a country with many disasters, but the old newspaper is very useful stuff at the time of the emergencies such as the earthquakes.

Today I'll tell you about how to fold boxes of disposable newspaper box. It's more like origami wo


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Step 1: What You Need

What you need is only paper.

You can make any kind of paper of the A1 size, even if it is not a newspaper, if you like.

It is more fun when I make it with a color advertisement papers .

It takes a little time, but I make it when I have time to stock.

The way of folding this seemed to be introduced as how to make a newspaper trash box on TV in my country.

People like to use them often, mostly as disposable trash box, I think.

It's easy to make, so let’s try.

Step 2: Step1 to 8

I made it with one piece of paper to be easy to explain it, but I suggest that It would be strong enough when you make this more than two sheets of papers.

First ,fold A1 size paper in half to A2 size.

1 top side is open

6 upset it on to the other side

Step 3: Step 9 to 16

12 upset it on to the other side

Step 4: Step 17 to 20


Step 5: How to Use

As a snack box, sandwich box, roll sushi, rice ball, whatever.

But when you use this ,make sure to put a plastic lap or paper napkin under the food, otherwise the box would be sticky with oil.

Also I use it as a compartment in the vegetable room in the refrigerator.

Change it when it gets dirty. There seems to be an effect to get rid of the bad smell in the refrigerator.

As a disposable trash box, I throw away garbage such as vegetables or the peels.

There seems to be a deodorization effect to the ink of the newspaper.

Thank you for visiting.I hope that you enjoy this origami box.

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