How to Make a Origami Cup



This is how you can improvise if you don't have a real cup to use

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Step 1: Grab Supplies: Scissors and Paper

Step 2: Cut the Paper to Make a Square

Step 3: Fold One Corner to Another Diagonal From It

Step 4: Grab the Left Side Bring to Right Side

Step 5: Press Down to Make Sure It Is Folded Good So It Wont Come Apart

Step 6: Grab the Right Side Bring to the Left Side

Step 7: Press Down to Make Sure Its Folded Good to Keep It Together

Step 8: Pull One Flap Down

Step 9: Press Down Hard on Flap

Step 10: Pull the Other Flap

Step 11: Press Down Hard on Flap

Step 12: Open the Cup

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    2 years ago

    I used to like to make these as a kid :)