How to Make a Original Arena BEYBLADE BURST?




About: Hi, I'm shooting a video on YouTube. And the technology of creation is shared with you.

Hello. I'll show you how I did the arena for the game.

Sorry for the quality of the text, my English is very bad.

I think you will like this article.

Step 1: Game From the Animated Series BEYBLADE BURST

The Internet is gaining popularity BEYBLADE BURST.

Great original oren on sale was not found.

It was decided to make the arena itself.

Step 2: Finding the Right Arena

The first thing that caught my eye was a satellite dish.The first thing that caught my eye was a satellite dish.

We will use it as a basis for the arena.

Step 3: We Flatten the Surface

On a satellite dish, there are technical holes. It was decided to cover the holes with epoxy glue.

Step 4: We Square the Surface of the Arena

First, the technical holes must be sealed with a paper tape.

Next, prepare the epoxy glue, and fill in the holes.

Step 5: ​We Make the Board of the Arena.

For the manufacture of the bead will be used, corrugation for the pipe, it is light and soft.

In the original boron is painted yellow.

There was no suitable color, I had to paint.

Step 6: Painting

The rest is to make the color of the arena dark gray.

At this stage, there was nothing difficult, just paint the arena with thin layers of paint.

Step 7: Marking in the Arena Beyblade

This stage of the work was the most difficult.

It was necessary first to mark out with a pencil where the marking lines will pass. Then paste the paper tape and paint the frame.

Step 8: We Paint Markup

Next we put the necessary colors.

The bands on the arena will be blue. Inside the circle will be red.

Step 9: Remove the Protective Tape From the Film.

It was the most pleasant etym, for it was already possible to see the result of the work.

Step 10: ​Soundproofing

To ensure that the strikes on the arena were quiet, noise insulation should be pasted on the back of the arena.

Step 11: Arena Boards

We glue the side of the arena with conventional glue

Step 12: Result

Making the arena shot everything on video. All can be seen on the video.

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    6 Discussions


    Question 6 months ago on Step 4

    Did you fill the holes with epoxy from the backside of the satellite? I am only making sure. Also, FANTASTIC job. This is a great demonstration.


    8 months ago

    Hello nice arena is there anyway to order it ?


    Question 11 months ago on Introduction

    Great job! I am working on one for my son too. What did you use for sound proofing and what is the tubing for the walls? Thanks


    1 year ago

    i made it for my son. thanks