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DIY at HOME will teach you How to make a PISTOL out of CARDBOARD Easy DIY TOY Gun at HOME

Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Pistol Working Demonstration and How to Make It by Yourself Tutorial

Step 2: Start Off to Make the Pistol Template With a 22 Cm by 14 Cm Cardboard

Step 3: Draw the Template on the Cardboard As Per Given Image ( Refer Video )

Step 4: Cut Off Unnecessary Cardboard As Per Image ( Refer Video )

Step 5: Make Another Cut Out of Same Dimensions Without Trigger Portion As Per the Image ( Refer Video ) and Make 2 Cut Out for Each Template

Step 6: Stick One Pair Like This Image ( Refer Video )

Step 7: Take a Toothpick , Rubber Band and 2 Cardboard Pieces to Make the Trigger of the Pistol

Step 8: Stick Together to Form the Trigger Like This ( Refer Video )

Step 9: With the Help of 2 Holes and 2 Toothpick Place the Trigger Inside the Template Like This ( Refer Video )

Step 10: Stick Another Pair to Make the Body of the Pistol ( Refer Video )

Step 11: Take Strong Stick and 2 Cardboard Circles

Step 12: And Stick Together to Place Inside the Pistol Body Slot Like This ( Refer Video )

Step 13: Insert 2 Sticks Near the Nozzle Like This

Step 14: Take 2 Rubber Bands , 1 Circle Cut Out and 1 Rectangular Cut Out of Cardboard

Step 15: And Stick It As Per the Image Arrangement ( Refer Video )

Step 16: To Make the Bullets I Took Small Sketch Pens and Toothpick and Removed the Tip of the Sketch Pens

Step 17: And Placed the Toothpick Inside the Tip to Make the Bullets for the Pistol

Step 18: To Make It More Attractive and Realistic I Sticked Some Cardboad Pieces for Griping

Step 19: And We Are Done and READY TO SHOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Question 3 months ago on Step 7

    What are the dimensions of the triggers?