How to Make a PVC Ball Chair




Materials Needed:

1) PVC 1 in x 10 ft (3)

2) Cross PVC fitting (7)

3) Tee PVC Fitting (4)

4) Wheels (4)

5) Aerobics Ball (1)

6) Nuts, Bolts, Washers (27 each)

7) Everbilt Poly Rope

Step 1: Solidworks

Step 2: Bending PVC

The first step in the process is to bend all pvc that is needed. This allows for everything to be pre-bent into place so that all pieces are available when the chair is ready to be put together.

1) Allow the the pvc bend it machine to heat up before placing any pvc on.

2) After the machine is hot enough, place the pvc that you want to be heated onto the coil.

3) Allow the the pvc to heat up for a solid 5 minutes at the least, rotating it every 30 seconds so that it doesn't burn.

4) After 5 minutes are done, remove the pvc from the coil. If it is not soft enough after 5 minutes place it back on the coil.

5) Bend the pvc how you wish until it is exactly the way you want. Once it is in the correct shape, rub it with a cold towel and it will begin to harden.

Step 3: Putting the Base Together With Wheels

To begin creating the base, you will need 4 t-cross fittings as well as 4 bent pvc pieces.

1) Once the pvc for the base has been bent into 4 semi-circle pieces, begin inserting them into the sides of the t-cross pvc. Make sure the opening of the t-cross are faced upwards, allowing for pipe to be placed in horizontally.

2) Once the circle for the base is put in place, it is time to insert the wheels. Drill a hole in the bottom of each of the 4 pvc fittings. This whole will be where the wheel is going to be placed.

3) On the inside you will need to place a dowel that allows the wheel to be held tightly in place. Drill a hole and place the dowel inside the t-cross pvc so that the wheel can go through the pipe and into the dowel.

4) Once the dowel is in place, make sure you secure the wheels tightly with nuts and washers.

5) Once the base is fully put together with the wheels, its time to weave the bottom with some rope. This rope will prevent the ball from touching the ground when you sit on it. Weave around the entire circle until the rope is tight enough to hold up your weight.

Step 4: Completing the Rest of the Chair

1) To attach the middle of the chair, 4 pvc pieces will need to placed horizontally into the fittings that are down below at the base.

2) The middle of the chair is very similar to the base. Just as you did with the base, bend 4 pipes into semi circle pieces.

3) Next, instead of the pvc being placed in the t-cross, these bent pieces will be inserted into the sides of the 4-cross fittings. In the bottom of these fittings will be the pvc thats coming up from the base of the chair. The only t-cross that should be on this part of the chair is in the very front because this is going to be where your legs will hang down.

4) Next, insert a large piece of un-bent pvc into the top of the 4-cross fitting that is loacted in the back of the chair. This will act as a back rest for your chair.

5) At the top of this back rest, a t-cross will be attached. Insert the back rest pvc pipe into the bottom of the t-cross.

6) On the sides of the t-cross, the arm rests will be inserted. Bend the arm rests as you wish and make sure you insert them into the fitting and then begin to bend it in place. This will make the process easier since the arm rests are very large and hot.

7) Insert the other end of the arm rests onto the 4-cross fittings below.

Step 5: Drilling Everything in Place

Drilling everything place after the chair is completed is a very important step that cannot be missed. If nothing is drilled in place, the chair will fall apart and break.

1) Make sure you have nuts, bolts, and washers for this process.

2) Drill all holes needed into the pvc, making sure you are careful and precise. A hole should be made wherever you wish to secure the chair together.

3) After the holes are made, drill in the nail. When the nail is all the way through the pvc, place a nut and washer on the other end to secure the nail from sliding out.

4) After everything is bolted together, the chair is complete.

Step 6: Enjoy the Finished Product



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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    With the bottom circle to hold the ball off the floor you could do a dream catcher weave as an artistic design element that would support the ball well and share the person's weight all around the bottom support.


    4 years ago

    to keep the ball off the floor, make the bottom circle smaller and add a middle circle a little larger. this will eliminate the need for the rope. As for the wheels, after test fitting everything, before final assembly, ; mark, drill, and bolt in the wheels. Check suppliers for wheels/ casters that have mounting for pipes.