How to Make a Pair of Jump Ring Chandelier Earrings With Beads




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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a pair of jump ring chandelier earrings with beads. Follow me and have a nice try.

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Step 1: Supplies in Making the Chandelier Earrings:

10MM Blue Glass Beads

6MM Light Blue Glass Beads

4 MM Light Blue Glass Beads

Jump Rings(10MM.4MM.2MM)

Earring hooks

4.0CM Eye Pins

0.3MM Copper Wire

Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Make Jump Ring Earring Base

1st, take 5 10mm jump rings, link them together with 4 2mm jump rings;

2nd, place 4 10mm jump rings on the cross point of the first row, then place 2 10mm jump rings on the left paratactic and link them with the first 2mm jump ring;

3rd, repeat above steps to finish other patterns, link the second row with a 10mm jump ring.

Step 3: Add a Glass Bead

1st, take a 10mm blue glass bead, cut a short copper wire;

2nd, thread glass bead to copper wire and wrap the glass bead to the jump ring earring base.

Step 4: Link Other Glass Beads With Jump Rings

1st, thread a 6mm light blue glass bead to an eye pin, roll the end and attach 2mm jump ring and a 4mm jump rings;

2nd, thread a light blue 4mm glass bead to an eye pin, roll the end and attach 2 2mm jump rings;

3rd, repeat above step to make other three bead drops and link all the bead drops to jump rings base as pictured.

Step 5: Add Earring Hook

1st, cut a short copper wire, then thread a 4mm glass bead, and roll the 2 ends;

2nd, link the glass bead with a 4mm jump ring and earring hook;

3rd, repeat all steps to make the other chandelier earring.

Step 6: Here Is the Final Look of the Jump Ring Chandelier Earrings.

Now, the tutorial of jump ring chandelier earrings with beads has come to an end. Looks a little complex, right? My article has told you the detailed steps to help you make such DIY chandelier earrings. The chandelier earrings look like a flower, and the blue glass beads look fresh and cool. The jump ring chandelier earrings can make you feel warm when the weather is bleak. Hope you like them.

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    What gauge are the rings please?


    2 years ago

    I would love to make these earrings, but I cannot understand the jump ring base instructions. Is there a chance you could do a video of this process. The pictures just don't make it clear to my old eyes!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    The jump ring section in a Helm's weave. If you search the net you can find tutorials on this. It is considered a basic chain maille weave.


    3 years ago

    Really pretty, but the part with the jump rings is really hard to understand... :(

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, you can get this pattern step by step according to this tutorial. Have a nice try:)