How to Make a Paper Airplane - Paper Airplanes That FLY FAR

I design paper airplanes and origami for kids. Here you find the best instructions on how to make...

How to make a Paper airplane - Cool paper airplanes by Mahir Cave.

After various science experiments and countless hours of folding I was able to create the paper plane shown in this tutorial.
I named it Reaper: Click here to learn how to make it.

Get familiar with the following tips to make Reaper the best paper airplane it can be.

Watch in 1080p HD on a big screen.
Set the video speed to 0.5.
All folds must be symmetrical.
Still having problems? Ask someone older for help.

Follow my instructions at 09:31.
Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, all paper planes must also be held and thrown correctly.
Paper is susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind.
Keep in mind that you experience the best outdoor-flights on dry and windless days.

Reaper is a paper airplane glider.
If you pay attention to the instructions at 09:31 it will be great to be launched outside and from high places.
Throw it softly. This paper plane is not built to be thrown hard!

Paper size:
Use A4 - 80 g/m².

© 2016 Mahir Cave. All rights reserved.

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Step 1: Paper Airplane Design by Mahir Cave

Your paper airplane will look like this.
Having seen how it flies so far, isn't that motivation enough to make it?

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    So happy to hear that, thank you so much treyvor! :-)


    2 years ago

    I cant fold It at the part that u said that it wounds be easy u promise but I just cant Get It...