How to Make a Paper Airplane - Paper Airplanes That FLY FAR

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Airplane - Paper Airplanes That FLY FAR

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How to make a Paper airplane - Paper airplanes by Mahir Cave.

After various science experiments and countless hours of folding I was able to create the plane shown in this instructional video.
I name it Vadim: Click here to learn how to make it.
It flies soo straight, I love that!

Paper airplanes will only fly far if they were folded precisely and thrown correctly.
Here are some instructions to help you:

Watch in 1080p HD on a big screen.
Both sides have to be symmetrical.
Having problems? Ask your sister for help.

Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, all paper planes must also be held and thrown correctly.
Try different grip positions to find what is working best for you.
Throw this paper plane in different angles and intensities (15° to 25° with medium intensity).
Paper is susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind.
Keep in mind that you experience the best outdoor-flights on dry and windless days.

Check what I said at 09:26 before every throw.

Then it will always fly great and straight.
I think it flies best when you give it a light swing.
Vadim is great to be launched outside and especially from high places.

Paper size
Use A4 - 80 gsm

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Step 1: Paper Airplane Design by Mahir Cave

Your paper airplane will look like this.
Can you make it?

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