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Hey guys, so this is DAY 2 of Paper Week. This time I'll be showing you how to make a super simple blowgun, using only a sheet of poster paper and some tape.

As with all my tutorials I advise you to be extremely careful with all weapons, even those made of paper. Never aim or fire this blowgun at any living creature or person.

Step 1: Rolling

So to make this you will need:

  1. A sheet of poster paper
  2. A small nail or screw
  3. A roll of tape

Roll up the paper length-ways, making sure that the resulting pipe is no wider than 1 inch (2.5cm), now secure it with tape

Step 2: Step 2

To make it stronger and make it look better, you can wrap more tape in a spiral pattern around the length of the blowgun; also add extra tape to one of the ends, since this is where your mouth will be and you don't want the paper to get damp.

Step 3: The Dart

To make a simple dart, take a small square of paper and cut out a smaller square from it. Form a cone and secure it with tape. To get the right size, fit the cone into the blowgun and cut off the excess so that the dart fits snugly into the barrel. Now stick the screw into the cone and fix it in place with tape (you can also use some kinds of glue).

If you'd like to make some better looking darts, here are a few links to great tutorials:

Big darts

Broad head darts

A variety of dart types

Heavy duty darts

Step 4: Shooting

So that's it...

Like i said previously, please exercise caution when using this. As you can see it easily penetrates a double layer of cardboard... So have fun using this, if you liked this tutorial, please comment, follow and vote for me in the Paper-craft and Trash to treasure contests :-)



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    2 years ago

    I used to make these in school. But I made them out of sticky notes, not nails. Good job!

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    Thanks for your support m8, maybe consider voting?