How to Make a Paper Frog

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By Chromium Builders 7

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Step 1: First

First you fold the paper like a Nevada and leave some space at the top you'll need it

Step 2: Second

Second you make a nevada on the other side to so you should see a X in the middle of those too.

Step 3: Third

Third you put both sides of the X together like this.

Step 4: Fourth

Fourth you flatten the top and that makes up the head.

Step 5: Fifth

Fifth you get the two corners of the head and fold them together those are the hands.

Step 6: Sixth

Sixth you get the other corners and fold them together you need that to make the hind legs.

Step 7: Last Step

The last step is to fold the bottom up and fold it again down.

Step 8: There You Have Your Paper Frog That Hops

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    2 years ago

    I made these for kids if I'm at a meeting or event that's boring so they've got something to play with :) It's fun.