How to Make a Paper Gun

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Gun

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So this was for my movie for tech class but I'm probably not going to use it  but i also i need to hand in 3 instructables  to my tech teacher so this is my second one. I'm going to be basically going to be showing you how to make a paper gun that "Reloads"

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Step 1: Items That You Will Need

The things that you will need are the fallowing

1. Scissors
2. Tape
3. Tons of paper
4. Paint brush
5. black Paint
6. Stapler ( is optional )

Step 2: Step 1 Rolling Paper

The first step is to roll 2 pieces of paper on the long side of the paper and tape them.

Step 3: Step 3 Cutting

Then the next step is to take one of the paper rolls and cut it 2 times try to make them as equal as possible to each other. 

Step 4: Folding

after you cut one of the long tube in to two smaller pieces you take one of the smaller rolls and fold it in half.

Step 5: Insert

The next step is to take the folded tube and insert the it in side the other small tube make sure it is all the way in the tube.

Step 6: Place and Tape

After you do that you place the tube around the middle of the long tube then tape the small tube to the long tube.

Step 7: Cut the Long Tube

Then you take your scissors find the shorter end of the long tube and cut a medium oval shape on the tube.  

Step 8: Folding Paper

Then after you finished the last step you grab a pice of paper and fold it about three times.

Step 9: Fold the Sides

Then once  you done the last step you then fold both sides on the already folded paper. This creates something like a "channel shaft"

Step 10: Place and Tape

Then you place the "channel shaft" on the small tube and make sure there is a space between the "channel shaft" and the small tube. Once you placed it were you want make sure you tape it. 

Step 11: Cut the "Channel Shaft"

Then you cut a little off the end. Make sure its not too much.

Step 12: Rolling More Paper

after you finish that you then take two pices of paper put them togeather and roll. This is to make the guns handle the reasion you use two pices of paper is so that it will be a little more sturty.

You then cut the rolled up paper in half it dose not have to be equal. Then you take the smaller half of  the rolled up paper and tape it to the base of your gun. 

Step 13: Fold the Extra Half

You know the other peice you did not use for the handle. Well your gonna be useing the other half now.

Take the extra pice and fold it in half make sure you fold it lanth wise not with wise. Also make sure it is in a tube shape. After you done that the cut a small pice off  one of the ends and tap it at the bottem of the handle.

You can see its starting to look like a gun right...?

Also if you find you gun barel is too long you an cut it a little.

Step 14: The Trigger Protecter

This part can be tricky for some people. You take a pice of paper and cut it in a medium strip and fold it in to small strips lanth not with. make it in to a squae shape and tape it to the handle.

Step 15: Deatails for the Handle

ok this might be a little tricky for a lot of people...

 You fold another strip of paper not too thin not to thick and you then atach it to the back of the handel. 

Step 16: Cover Up

This part i had a really hard time with but i found a simple way that might help you out.

The first thing your going to do is to make sure your trigger is not attached to the handle.
Then you take a pice of paper wrap it around the handel. you then unwrap it and cut a slits in to it on both sides.  

The reasion i cut slits on the sides is because when you fold the thicker part under the"channel shaft"  the thiner strip will make the channel shaft and the handle look coneccted together.

NOTE: after you wrap the paper around the gun handle you might want to cut the back of the paper that you just wraped. Then cut the handle shape and tape it.  i'm also vary sorry that i don't have a photo of the handle after you do all the steps.

Step 17: Loder

Now you take another pice of paper and fold it two times. Then when you go to fold it for the third time you don't fold too hard just lightly so that it will curve.

Step 18: Cut the Loder

so do you remeber the 7th step that we did well your gonna do the same thing with the loder.

The first thing you do is put the loder on to the rest of the gun find the whole in the tube were you cut the ovel shape in the earlyer steps and try to cut a nother ovle shape on the loder.

NOTE: Try to make both ovle shapes match up then tape the eages of the loaders ovel.  

Step 19: Attach the Loder

To atach the loder senice we want it to slide back and forth. You make another tube and cut it smaller.  Then you slide it in to the channel shaft.

NOTE: Make sure you have enough room in the shaft to slide the tube in and out.

Then you attach part of the loder to the sides of the tube.

You may find the loder lifts a bit well i have a slusion for this problem. You take a small strip of papper fold it once. Then slide the strip on the back end of the gun then fold the eages up to the loder then tape it togeather.

Step 20: Paint It

After you do all of these steps you paint it

NOTE:  If these instructions were to confusing for you to fallow I am sorry. You should find some more totarals on how to make paper guns on youtube.

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