How to Make a Paper Masu Box



I show how to make a paper origami box; this particular box is called a “Masu Box”. It is a traditional origami box and is the most common origami box around. You can make it from origami paper for best results or just from any paper available. It is simple to make, functional and it looks nice. All you need is a piece of square paper. The box makes a great place to store small items and with a pair, you can use one box as a lid to make the box sealed. Or if you want the lid to fit smoother make the second box slightly bigger. This is an easy origami model to make for beginners.

A long time ago, a masu box was a wooden box used to measure rice. Later, a similar square, wooden box was used to drink sake. In the origami world, a masu box is a traditional, square shaped box made of paper.

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Step 1: Materials

- Paper

you can use printer paper, you just need to make it into a square.


Step 2: Watch the Video

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