How to Make a Paper Rocket



Introduction: How to Make a Paper Rocket

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This is a perfect rocket for kids , it's very easy to do cause you can do it with paper and tape.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this projects are:

  1. Tape
  2. PVC 1/2" (11")
  3. Scissors
  4. Instructions

Step 2: Cut It

Now we proceed to cut the body tube and the rocket parts.

Step 3: Wrap

Wrap the body around the 1/2" PVC pipe, aligning with one end of the pipe, and tape along entire seam to form a paper tube.

*Note:The PVC pipe is only used to form the shape of the rocket. Don't tape to the pvc pipe!

Then wrap the entire body tube with tape,

Step 4: Presure Cap

Cut out the circle that say presure cap it will hold the air pressure, so secure it with several pieces of tape as shown.

*Note: Dont tape to PVC pipe only attach to your paper & tape rocket body.*

Step 5: Cut 2

Cut out the three rectangular fins and fold each into a W shape.

Cut out the funky shaped nosecone and roll it into a cone shape, overlapping (hiding) the printed circles.

Step 6: Cone Shape

Take all of these paper scraps and roll them between your hands into a cone shaped lump then just put some tape.

Finally the W shape put it with tape like the photo and finish.

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