How to Make a Paper Slinky




This instructable will show you how to make a paper slinky. A slinky spring is a spring like toy that moves as you pull it along. It is a fun way to pass time on long car journeys to even at home on the bed. The slinky spring was originally from Philadelphia. It is a childhood toy of mine and I still use it today!

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Step 1: Get Resources

Get some paper, this can be normal A4 pieces of paper for a snowy white look. Or to make it more interesting you can use coloured A4 sheets and customise it by yourself.

You will need scissors to cut the sections of the slinky.

You will finally need alot of patience. This can be a long process however the final product is amazing.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

The pieces are quite small and they should be fine to cut.

They are 8cm by 8cm squares:



I........................I 8cm



Step 3: Preparing the Main Folding Lines

Crease a side of the paper in half.

Crease the side again to make a small crease at the quarter line

Open the paper up and then fold the paper from the top to the line that was last creased to make a third fold.

Open the paper up again and it should have one straight line near the top.

If you would like this stage can be skipped if the document was printed and then you would use the mini black crease line instead.

Step 4: Final Preparations of the Paper Pieces

Fold the paper in half perpendicular to how you have just done it.

Fold the paper from both sides to meet the middle

Fold the paper in half again.

Fold the paper diagonally to make a right angle fold.

Preparations are over...

Step 5: Joining the Pieces

As you look at 1 end of the piece, you should see a W shape as you expand the side. On the other you will see a V shape. So what you need to do is push the V into the W. As shown in the pictures.

Step 6: The Final Product

This is the final slinky and you can play around with it as shown in the video. The best thing is to push it down the stairs...

Step 7: Thank You So Much!

Thank you so much, I hope you had fun making this instructable and I hope you will all vote for me...

Once again, thank you...

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    5 Discussions

    Whitney Fabre

    9 months ago

    Why this is especially great for a car ride? It doesn't make a sound like the metal ones! I like that you put instructions on the pictures.

    1 reply
    AlanP116Whitney Fabre

    Reply 9 months ago

    The noisy children will be happy to play around with this or passing it around while it still springs. Also thanks for the feedback


    Reply 9 months ago

    It depends how long you make the spring. About 84 to 100 pieces should make it really good to play with. In my opinion, the longer the more satisfying it is to play with.