How to Make a Paper Sports Stadium


About: I love to make paper planes instructables!i am a normal Indian kid.i make instructables for helping others and time pass.

Hello!i'm making a instructable after a long time.if you are into sports,then get this stadium!it's easy to make it,and now let's make it!

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Step 1: Let's Sow

Start with a sheet of paper

Step 2: Seeds Grown

Draw a big oval in the paper,then make the ground of your favourite sport.if you don't know how to make the ground of the sport,I have given the details of grounds of different sports in the last page

Step 3: Seats

Draw more ovals around the first oval

Step 4: Seats Part 2

Fold the bottom edge to the line of oval

Step 5: Seats Part 3

Do same with the all edges

Step 6: Foul!goal!no Ball!wicket!

Take the edges upwards,and you are done!you can name your stadium also.the first is the soccer ground,second is the cricket ground

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