How to Make a Paperclip Float


Introduction: How to Make a Paperclip Float

In this video, you will see how to make a paperclip float on water.

All you need is: a paperclip, water, and tissue paper, tissues or what I used, toilet paper. Try to make sure that if you use tissues or toilet paper that it is one-ply.

I put marker on mine just to show where it was in the water.

The proccess is very easy. All you have to do is place the paper on top of the water. It will float. Then you place the paperclip on top of that. Next, gently push the paper down into the water, leaving only the floating paperclip!

I hope you enjoyed my video! Please vote for me in the teach me fast 30 second video contest!



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    Surface tension is a great thing! Nice lighting on the video as well -- you can see the meniscus pretty clearly.

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    hahahah joy is going to watch the video with me lol ahahhaah and im her cuzin lol ahahhahhah yah but surface tesion is the coolest lol


    Raven and Joy<3

    mine will work im making a paper clip flaot how cool for my science project in different substances

    Raven and Joy<3

    great 'ible! i dont know why but this is pretty cool. 5/5. btw i was messing around and can make it float without any T.P. just some patience and two fingers.

    Just a red sharpie. The color changed because I was fooling around with the different effects on windows movie maker.