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Sewing can be daunting, but this dress (if you follow along) is actually easy to put together. The top part is a fitted t-shirt and is a no-sew project using E-6000 Fabri-Fuse. Fabri-Fuse is a washable and dry cleanable fabric glue that is flexible when it dries, so it's perfect to use on knits.

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Step 1: You'll Need:

2 yards of lace or embellished fabric

2 yards lining

1 yard elastic

1 fitted black t-shirt

E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

Sewing machine

Black thread

Scissors and straight pins

Step 2:

Cut two panels of lining that are 20" wide by 2 yards long

Pin and stitch them together using 1/2" seam allowance so that you have a 20" wide by 4 yard long panel

Step 3:

Hem one edge of the panel by turning and turning 1/4"

Step 4:

Cut two 21" by 2 yard long panels of fabric using the edge of the fabric as the edge of each panel

(You will have a strip left over in the middle to use later)

Pin and stitch them together so that you have a 21" by 4 yard long panel of fabric

Use 1/2" seam allowance

Step 5:

Pin the lining to the wrong side of the lace and stitch the raw edges together with 1/4" seam allowance

Along that same stitch line you are going to bunch the fabric under the presser foot and gather the 4 yard panel together

Step 6:

Cut elastic so that it fits comfortably around your waist

Mark the elastic in 4 equal parts

Pin the elastic evenly along the gathered fabric

Sew the elastic to the gathered fabric by stretching the elastic as you sew using 1/2" seam allowance

Step 7:

With right sides together, pin all 4 layers together and stitch down the side seam from the elastic to the hem.

Step 8:

Cut out pieces from your lace and the decorative edge of your lace (if you have some left over)

Insert cardboard in the t-shirt

Figure out your lace placement and apply the lace and edging with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

Let it dry overnight and you're done!

Step 9: See the Video Tutorial Here!

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    3 years ago

    I like your thing!


    3 years ago

    Could not i use another fabric instead of t shirt... can u plz do another tutorial making d top too


    4 years ago

    Innovative. You take the pain out of garment construction. This is really cool ?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    ~ G~O~R~G~E~O~U~S~!!
    thank-you for sharing instructions; it's fantastic!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful job well done. Very inspiring and creative. Lovely dress.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    OOoh, good one! I love that I can figure out the length I want rather than depend on some designer for a rack-bought dress! Nice touch for the neckline.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, man. This is wonderful.

    The Miss is also wonderful.

    Please thank her.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Such a good way to do a dress...with a shirt that already fits perfectly! :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Mark this is such a pretty and easy dress to make. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day.


    1 reply

    This is just the cutest dress! I love the color, the lace, the bow and the fact that the top is just a t-shirt! The video is really easy to follow along with too!

    1 reply