How to Make a Peg Gun

Introduction: How to Make a Peg Gun

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This is an tutorial on how to make a Peg Gun.This is quite powerful, so be careful.All you need is 2 wooden clothespegs,scissors(must be powerful enough to cut wood), and your hands.

Step 1: Preparing the Pegs

Ok, now you've got your supplies, it is time to make it. First is to take apart 1 of the clothespegs, and cut off a bit of a wooden part.

Step 2: Attaching the Spring

This is the main part of the gun. Follow the photos if you don't understand it.First put the top of the spring on the flat side of the shortened part of the dissambled clothespeg.Slide it from the thinnest part on to the first notch. Leave one part on that notch, then continue to slide the bottom part to the next notch. Now the spring is in load of tension, so be careful.

Step 3: Assemble It!

Now, put the spring-loaded part you just assembled in the previous step and "clip" it into the other clothespeg.Make sure the end is in as far as possible!

Step 4: Finale (final Step)

Put in the last piece you have left over, and put it just before the spring.

Step 5: Firing & Loading

To fire, just pull the trigger.To reload, just remove the firing mechanism, pull the spring back to it's original position, and put it back inside the clothespeg, and put the ammo back in.

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    i know. This is the more easier way, and requires less cuting.