How to Make a Perfect Date Night

Introduction: How to Make a Perfect Date Night

Are you looking to impress your upcoming date?

If you follow these steps, you'll be sure to make a good impression!

1. Prepare for your dinner date

2. Cook a delicious dinner from the heart

3. Plan for some entertainment after dinner

Step 1: Task #1: Prepare for Your Date

The foundation of a great date starts with proper planning and preparation! Some things to consider prior to your date are:

1. Are you mentally ready to plan and successfully execute your date?
You can do it! Whether it's the first or fifteenth date, you should feel prepare, but never over confident. Just be courteous, outgoing,    and always be yourself!

2. Is your apartment/house clean?
It doesn't have to be spotless, just so it looks and possibly smells nice. You should be able to tell when it's clean enough.

3. Have you taken care of your personal hygiene?
You should brush your teeth and use mouth wash to be sure you don't have bad breath. It wouldn't hurt to take some mints on your  
date, but gum could be annoying so avoid that. Another important thing to remember is that, if you're going to use cologne, don't
use too much!

4. Do you have all ingredients for your meal?
Prove to your date that you planned ahead!

Step 2: Task #2: Prepare Dinner

Cooking a Delicious Dinner

Cooking dinner instead of going out to a restaurant shows your guest that you are really interested in them.

When selecting a menu, stick to what you're comfortable with so you don't compromise quality. We suggest you make a homemade pizza with your date! Being in the kitchen with your date is an easy way to break the ice. 

*This is just a suggestion for a meal! If this is your first date or you aren't sure of what your date likes to eat, ask their preference before you make assumptions!

Step 3: Select a Pizza Dough

Start off with a pre-made pizza dough. This is a great time saver and won't compromise quality. If you are determined to make homemade pizza dough, here's a suggestion:

Step 4: Prepare the Pizza Toppings

All toppings should be prepped before your date arrives. This will save time, and also show that you thought ahead to make things go as smoothly as possible. 

If you aren't sure of your date's favorite pizza toppings, make sure to have a variety. You could also ask your date ahead of time so you can know their preference.

Step 5: Spoon on the Tomato Sauce

Spread tomato sauce on your pizza dough. Make sure to leave the edges free from sauce to create a crust.

Step 6: Add the Toppings

Place the toppings and cheese on top of sauce.

This is a perfect time for you to create conversation about what types of food you and your date both enjoy!

Step 7: Bake the Pizza

Put the pizza in a preheated 450 degree oven. For softer crust, place the pizza on a wood baking stone or directly on the oven rack for a crispier crust. Bake the pizza for 10-15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

Step 8: Task #3: Entertainment

After a fantastic meal, what's next? A fun activity you'll both enjoy is a great way to get to know each other further! A few suggestions for activities include:

1. Watch or go to a movie
2. Walk through the park or beach
3. Mini golf
4. Go-Karting
5. Bowling
6. Go to an art gallery

Step 9: Final Tips & Recommendations

1. Plan Ahead! Waiting until the last minute may end up good or bad. Plan your date in advance, set expectations and ensure your date is in agreement.

2. Be confident! If you believe you can pull off a successful date night, you will be able to do it!

3. Respect your date! Don't push physical attraction too soon.

4. Listening is very important! Prove to your guest that you listened to him or her by repeating or commenting on something they said later on during your date.

5. Stay light and positive! Don't rush certain conversation topics even if they are important to you. There's an appropriate time and place for all the more serious questions you have.

6. Anticipate! As always, look your best. A light kiss at the end of the night is better than going to far and potentially turning him or her off.

7. Connect! Make a real effort to find commonalities. Listen and learn a little about each other's childhood and past. See if your values and life's outlook are similar. This is an excellent exploration period.

8. Be Reasonable! If your date happens on a weeknight, don't select a movie ending at 11.00 p.m. The more solutions you've prepared for in advance, the less anxious your date will be. This clearly shows your thoughtfulness.

9. Laugh! Laughter is infectious and attractive. It's also a great release for any nervousness.

10. Show appreciation! Let your date know if you had a good time and thank them for spending time with you.

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