How to Make a Periscope ! / Tutorial / DIY




Introduction: How to Make a Periscope ! / Tutorial / DIY


Step 1: To Do a Periscope You Need!

In today's instructables I'm going to show you the idea of how to make a periscope.

Step 2: Periscope Is One of the Simplest Optical Appliances, Which Can Be Made at Home.

Step 3: It Is Convenient for Watching Through the Crowd at Races and Competitions.

You may observe sea nature without coming up to surface.

Step 4: Periscope Is Also Used by Land Forces.

Step 5: I Suggest to Make This Interesting Device at Home.



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    2 Discussions

    This is a fun project. It would be a great one to make with a kid. They'd love it!

    I wish I had a periscope growing up…