How to Make a Person Out of a Stick



Making stick people is fun. When my brother and I get bored we use our imagination to make stick people. Here is what you will need. A stick, string (any color), pretty paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

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Step 1: Get a Stick & Materials

I started with making the eyes by cutting them out of white paper.

Step 2: Making the Arms

I wrapped a pipe cleaner around the stick to make the arms. I had my mom glue them in place with a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns can burn you. Be sure to have an adult help you with this step.

Step 3: Adding the Shirt

Next, cut the shirt out of pretty paper. Have an adult help you hot glue it to the stick.

Step 4: Add the Skirt

Cut the skirt out of paper and have an adult help you hot glue it on the stick.

Step 5: Hair

Then, cut several pieces of string for hair and glue them to the stick.

Step 6: Done

Finally, enjoy your stick person!

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    2 years ago

    That's cute :)