How to Make a Phonecase

Introduction: How to Make a Phonecase

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I made a phone case myself and that is possible with a shampoo bottle because then you can bend the sides with a lighter and then it gets the shape of your phone

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Step 1: What You Need

1.shampoo bottle





Step 2: Draw

now you have to put the mobile on the cardboard and mark it

Step 3: To Cut

now you have to cut out the shape

Step 4: Shampoo Bottle Cut

now the shampoo bottle needs to be cut

Step 5: Make the Telfoon Case

now you need the lighter you put the cardboard on the plastic piece of the shampoo bottle then you go there with your lighter back and forth until they are bent to the heights of the phone

Step 6: Ready to Use

now he is finished you can make a drawing on it and do not forget to cut the on and off button and the sound button

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