How to Make a Pikachu Vinyl Sticker




Hello! In this Instructable we will be making a Pikachu Vinyl Sticker on a vinyl cutter! Using a vinyl cutter is incredibly easy and fun!

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Step 1: Choosing Your Image

Go to Google images and type in "Pikachu." We will then need to add more specifications to make our image able to be cut on the vinyl cutter. Under color select "Black and White," and under type select "Line Drawing." For this Instructable, I used the very first picture of Pikachu that showed up in Google images under these search criteria. 

Step 2: Vectoring the Image

To vectorize the image you will need to use a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. For this Instructable, I used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize the image of Pikachu. In Adobe Illustrator use the "Image Trace" button to vectorize the image. Save the image as a .eps file. We are now ready to take the image to Flexistarter and make the cut. 

Step 3: Cutting and Weeding

Open Flexistarter and make the cut in the vinyl. Then, using the weeding tools, remove the excess vinyl so that the yellow matches the black and the white matches the white. After a bit of weeding your vinyl picture should be finished! Did I mention that I made it at Techshop in Pittsburgh?

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Vinyl cutters are super-fun. Reminds me to finish the tiger stripes I was going to put on my motorcycle....hee hee