How to Make a Plastic Bottle Cap Container




Introduction: How to Make a Plastic Bottle Cap Container

I show how to make a small, lightweight and water proof container out of two plastic bottle caps. The caps are cut off under the protruding ring on the neck of the bottle, then the bottoms are made flat and glued together. It can be used to store matches, as a mini survival kit or for anything that will fit inside. This container is great for taking camping, traveling, biking, hiking and much more because it is compact, durable and waterproof.

Step 1: Materials

- 2 Plastic bottles with caps



-Sandpaper/hand file


Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

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Credit to who? I've seen this done many times so it would be difficult to find out who originally came up with this.

Grant Thompson stole his entire schtick from Kipkay. I'd be surprised if anything he has done is original to him.

doing a rapid search on google give me one of the many videos, antecedents

he king of random video,

that explain how to make une of these cap container.

the pubblication date is nearly 15 months before the king's random publication..... so it's impossible to give credit, it's a old idea wide know :)

No bad feelings mates

Fill a cap with Potassium permaganate, add grycerin, close the caps tightly, run for your life.

Or mix it outside the container for a neat chemical fire starter


2 years ago

realy a smart idea ! tanks

I had no resin so i used plastic tape works just as good and cheaper but thanks for the idea i love it cheers bud

a fun little ditty to make when you want to make something, I just whip then out without making them water proof just to hold small stuff on the go. ring box, agate container, or what else you can fit in it! great instructable!


I think this is a fantastic instructables and keep up the good work

Grant Thompson....

Don't get me wrong, but this looks a bit like Grant Thompsons video

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