How to Make a Plasticine Snake



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Creation of crafts imitating animate objects (animals, people, etc.) is a special process. Every craft gets its unique character. Don’t believe it? Try making a stripped snake.


1. Carton base.

2. Plasticine of 4 colors: green, orange, white and black.

Step 1: ​Start Making

Start making your snake by rolling her long green body.

Step 2: ​Shape Your Craft Into Zigzag

Shape your craft into zigzag. The tail should be a bit thinner, and the head is more rounded, with slightly opened mouth.

Step 3: Snake’s Face

Finish the snake’s face with big eyes made of black dots fixed on white circles.

Step 4: ​To Adorn Snake’s Skin

To adorn snake’s skin with some decorative pattern roll a thin lace from orange plasticine, and wrap your hissing beauty with it.

Step 5: ​The Snake Is Ready

The snake is ready, and it seems like it needs a couple of friends :).



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