How to Make a Pop Up Halloween Card



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Intro: How to Make a Pop Up Halloween Card

Create your own Pop Up Halloween Card!

I came up with this design when I was in middle school to display my favorite athletes. It can be used for almost any holiday or event you can think of!

Step 1: Video

Watch this video instead of the written tutorial, or use it to see the steps performed while following along!

Step 2: Supplies


Rubber Cement

Craft Knife


The template is an Illustrator PDF, so feel free to modify it to your needs. In this instructables post, I don't use the template to make my card, but trace it to get the shapes that I need.

Step 3: The Card Base

I cut the main portion of the card out of black cardstock. It measured 3" x 9"

Step 4: The House

I cut out the image of the house from the template and taped it to some black cardstock. Then I traced it carefully with the craft knife with as much detail as I could. After the house was cut out, I added some windows.

With a small piece of yellow cardstock, I cut a shape slightly smaller than the house and glued it behind so it looked as if the light was shining through the windows.

Step 5: The Background

I folded the card base in half and then used it to trace out a piece of green that size. I then trimmed the piece down to 3" x 4"

Step 6: Folds

On one side of the card base, I folded up a 1/4" lip.

I then folded a crease in between the middle crease of the card and the crease for the lip.

The card will end up looking like the third picture after.

Step 7: The Background Pt. 2

I glued the green piece flush to the top of the side with the folds in it. Then before the glue dried, I worked the crease into the green so that it moved properly

Step 8: Adding the House

I glued the house flush to the crease for the lip

Step 9: The Pull Tab and Track

I cut 2, 11" strips out of black cardstock. One was 1/2" wide and the other was a 1/4".

I folded the 1/2" strip in half and glued it together.

Step 10: Slits

I cut a 1/4" slit in the center of the crease for the lip and then I cut a 1/2" slit in the center of the middle crease

Step 11: Adding the Moving Parts

I glued the 1/4" strip (the track) inside on the center of the non creased side. I only glued the end of the strip so that the house can slide halfway up the card.

On the 1/2" strip, (the pull tab) I folded up a 1/2" tab and glued it right above the lip crease.

Step 12: Forgot About the Moon!

I realized I forgot to add my moon! I traced one out of white cardstock using the template and glued it behind the house.

Step 13: Finishing Up

I put the pull tab through the slit in the middle crease and then put the track through the slit in the lip. I then trimmed the track, folded it on to the back of the card and glued it in place.

Step 14: Give Them Away!

That's it! Pulling on the tab at the top will pull the house up into 3D!

Make some more and give them to your family and friends!



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