How to Make a Possum Cake




This is how to make a possum cake

I have created this for the benefit of all cake makers.

The internet was lacking in instructions for making a possum cake. 

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Step 1: What You Need

1. A 13 by 9 cake, any flavor you like 

2. cake board

3. knife

4. white frosting  ( you need enough white to frost the whole cake)

5. A small amount of pink and black frosting

6. sweetened, shredded coconut ( you will need less then 1 14oz  bag)

7. brown sprinkles

8. 2 white m&ms

9. And last but not least, a pastry brush. It is very useful for keeping the cake board clean. 

Step 2: Make the Cake

First make a 13 by 9 cake of your choice.

Make sure you grease and flour the cake pan so that the cake comes out  easily. 

Freeze the cake to make cutting and frosting easier.  

Step 3: Cut the Cake

Cut the cake like the Picture

1. Cut two big triangles off the front of the cake and two smaller ones off the back.
Save the big triangles for the head and the smaller ones for the feet.

2. Cut a long thin rectangle near the side to make the tail. You will not need to save this piece.

3. Round out all corners.

4. Place the big triangles on top for the head.

5. Cut the little triangles in half lengthwise and round them out to make the feet.

6. After you have your cake arranged like the picture, sweep away crumbs with your handy pastry brush.

7.  Refreeze the cake to make it easier to frost.


Step 4: Frost Cake

1. Frost the body and head white.

2. Frost the feet and tail pink.

Step 5: Decorate

1. Cover the body with brown sprinkles.

2. Cover the head with coconut.

3. Put a dot of black on the m&ms for eyes.

4. Put a pink nose.

5. Draw ears, whiskers, and claws in black frosting.

Step 6: Done

Clean up the cake board with the handy pastry brush and enjoy your amazing possum!!

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    I have to say, this is probably the best possum cake I've ever seen! I think it's the first possum cake I've ever seen, but still! So cute and delicious looking!

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