How to Make a Post on Facebook

Introduction: How to Make a Post on Facebook

*If yon’t have Facebook downloaded on your electronic device(s) download before reading instructions …. Download using your mobile device app store ( Google Play Store , Apple App Store )
* Materials Needed : Electronic Device , Internet Service

  • Facebook is an social media app that keeps you connected with your family and friends . Say you go out of town and have no other way to get in touch with your family ( i.e you have no phone service ) As long as you have WiFi or any internet based services you can log onto Facebook and keep in touch .

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Step 1: Log On


Step One:

Log onto Facebook using your email address/phone number and enter your secured password

Step Two:

Once logged onto Facebook you should be on your news feed (where people/companies make post) at the top of your news feed you’ll see a banner that says “What’s On Your Mind? “

Step 2: Posting

Step Three:

Click that banner

Step Four:

Type what you want to post about
 Example: Tbr (To Be Real), Prayer, etc.  Pictures (Appropriate)  Events (Parties, Baby showers, etc.)

Step Five:

Click Post

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