How to Make a Pressure Rocket for Under $2




This instructable shows you how to easily make a pressurized rocket from some common household materials.

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need:

1. Pump (any air pump will do)
2. Ball pin (one that fits your pump)
3. Soda/Water Bottle
4. Stand (For the bottle)
5. Cork

Details about the stand in step 2...

Step 2: The Stand

If you watched the video, you will know that you can use just about anything to make a stand (as long as its stable). In the video we used a kitchen utensil holder, but you can use a thick cardboard box which has been cut appropriately. Remember that you need to leave a hole at the bottom for the pump to fit into the soda bottle. The second image is a crude illustration of the basic setup.

Step 3: Final Remarks

Some things to note:

1. The cork must be tightly inserted into the bottle (air tight)
2. When pumping, you may hear some air escaping the cork. This is normal. As long as you keep pumping all should work
3. Position the rocket AWAY from yourself or you will be hit by half a litre (weighs 0.5kg) flying at about 5 meters per second, which will hurt.
4. Pumping lasts for about 40 seconds.

Have fun and be careful.



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    sookie han

    11 years ago on Step 1

    the bottle that you are using...can it be a 1.5 litre bottle?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    His domain is registered ( which is Nauru, an island nation in the Micronesian South Pacific. However, Nauru permits foreign registration, so it's hard to tell.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice one Revolutionaries. Kiteman, he sounds South African - like me ;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This works great!! Best instructable of the week!!! Great, Great, Great!!!!