How to Make a Private or Public Network in Titanfall 2

I will show you how to create a Network!

Step 1: Load Up the Game on Your PC, Xbox One or PS4 and Go to Multiplayer (Launch)

Either open the game or insert the disc into your "Disc Drive".

Step 2: Navigate to the Comms Tab and Select Networks

Step 3: Scroll Down to the Admin Tab and Select Create

Step 4: Create a Title(name) for Your Network

* WARNING* You can never change your title. Make sure you type what you want.

Step 5: Create a Clan Tag That Is Easy to Recognize

Step 6: Create a Short Message for Your Friends/network Members

Step 7: Choose Either Competitive or Social for Your Networks Attitude

Step 8: Choose a Category for Your Network to Fall Into

Step 9: Choose a Mic Policy for Your Network

Step 10: Choose Your Networks Desired Language

Step 11: Choose Your Desired Region for Your Network

Step 12: Choose Your Visibility Options of Your Network

This will change if players can publicly see your network in search results or browsing.

Step 13: Choose Your Membership Preferences

Warning this will affect if players can publicly join or have to send you a request.

Step 14: Choose a Hour of the Day for You and Your Members Happy Hour

A Happy Hour in Titanfall 2 is where you get bonuses during a certain hour every 24 hours. (Once every 24hrs)

Step 15: Check to See You Got the Notification That It Has Been Created! Congrats and Good Luck on the Frontier Pilots.



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)