How to Make a Propane Blacksmith Forge Burner

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How To Make A Propane Forge Burner For Your Blacksmith or Knife Making Forge. The Burner Can Easily Be Made For About $15.00 Using Readily Available Supplies From Your Local Hardware Stores. This Type Of Burner Can Also Be Used For An Aluminum Melting Foundry Furnace. A Complete Overview of How I Made Mine. Thanks For Watching!

Materials Needed:

(1) 10 inches of 3/4” I.D. Black Pipe, 1” O.D. (threaded one side)

(1) 3/4” Cast Iron T Fitting

(1) .035 Brass Mig Tip

(1) 1/8” Brass End Cap

(1) 1/8” x 2” Brass Nipple

(2) 1/8” Female x 1/4” Male Brass Bushings

(1) 1/4” Brass Ball Valve

(1) 1/8” Brass Close Nipple

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    2 years ago

    very cool. Nice video