How to Make a Quadcopter Using Esp8266 and Controlled It by Your Smart Phone.

Components Required

1. Arduino uno

2. ESP-01/ESP-12

3. MPU6050

4. ESC(Electronic Speed Controller)

5. Brushless DC motors

6. Breadboard

7. Jumper Wires

8. Quadcopter Frame

9. FTDI or TTL

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Step 1: Procedure to Make WIFI Quadcopter

Step1-make a connection of esp01 as given.

Step2- Open the wifippm code

-->If you are using esp8266(esp-12) set GPIO5 pin as PPM output pin and GPIO4 pin as debug pin. -->If you are using esp8266(esp-01) set GPIO2 pin as PPM output pin and GPIO3 pin as debug pin.

Step3- upload the wifippm code to esp01 with the help ttl or ftdi.

Step4- After upload the code remove the Rx Tx GPIO0 and CH_pd pins.If a hotspot is created named wifippm then everythings is alright.

If hotspot is not created then connect Ch_pd pin to 3.3v and reset the esp01(means off and again on).

Step5- Now place all the components on the frame and make a connection as shown in figure

Step6- open multiwii.ino firmware go to config.h and uncomment the following lines.
The type of multicopter----------> #define QUADX

Combined IMU Boards-------------> #define GY_521

PPM Sum Reciver ------------------> #define SERIAL_SUM_PPM(PITCH,ROLL,THROTTLE,YAW)

Step7- upload the code in arduino uno board.

Step8- open the multiwii gui select the board and click the start button. Move your quadcopter and you can seen the reading of gyroscope and acclerometer.
Step9- connect your phone with wifipmm hotspot and open any browser and type

Step10- move the joystic in browser and you can see the changes in multiwii gui.

WifiPPM code downloadfrom here-

Multiwii code download from here-

Step 2: Enjoy It

For more information visit my blog

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